Welcome to the official website of the Climate Change Interest Group (CCIG) of the American Anthropological Association.

The Climate Change Interest Group (CCIG) brings together scholars and practitioners from all four subfields of anthropology whose work focuses on the human dimensions of climate change.

The purpose of CCIG is to exchange research findings, educational resources, observations about new directions in research, and policy implications of our work, which have demonstrated climate-related risks to cultural heritage resources, the social production of vulnerability and resilience to climate-related risks and hazards, structural and institutional inequities, and effective strategies for mobilizing adaptation and mitigation solutions. 

CCIG promotes anthropology of climate change research, interest in the human dimensions of climate change, and education about the human dimensions of climate change across all four subfields. Members strive to increase and improve the networking and integration of climate-related research across the subfields and relevant organizations. CCIG supports local and Indigenous peoples, their knowledges, sciences, research, and climate solutions, and advocates for equitable valuing of all knowledges in advancement of sustainable climate solutions.

Ultimately, the CCIG believes that anthropology is at the forefront of climate-related research with our historical contributions to place-based and global investigations of humans and human behavior and we can play a significant role in informing more just and equitable solutions, processes, and policies that sustainably address the climate crisis.

CCIG Leadership: Please contact with questions and suggestions.

Emily Hite, PhD. Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Saint Louis University, MO, USA. emilybentonhite.net

Adam Fleischmann, PhD. University of Calgary, Canada

Camelia Dewan, PhD., Uppsala University, Sweden

Rezvaneh Erfani Hossein Pour, PhD Candidate. University of Alberta, Canada